10 Virtues of Highly Successful Bloggers

Success in blogging, as in anything else, can often feel like a mysterious combination of intangible qualities.

If you’ve ever happened upon a blog with more traffic and comments than yours and thought, “What do they have that I don’t have?” then you’ve already encountered the unique blend of qualities that helps set people apart.

When you are confronted with situation, is your instinct to feel bad about yourself? Inadequate? For most of us, it is. But there’s a very important reason to look at those bloggers differently.

First of all, feeling less than because of someone else’s current blogging situation gives away all your power to change it. It makes you a victim rather than what you are – a blogger on a different journey than the one you’re comparing yourself too.

Second, when you focus on your shortcomings, you miss the enormous opportunity to learn from the other person’s success.

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in my own life has been to watch and learn from people that are already successful. When I wanted to lose weight years ago, I didn’t watch people who were losing weight, I studied the habits or people who had lost and maintained their loss – they were the truly successful ones.

When I was learning to blog, market and build an audience, you’ve likely guessed it, but I made a study of highly successful bloggers and what they did that was so different than people who weren’t as successful. Learning and implementing these strategies can help you leapfrog ahead instead of learning everything by trial and error.

Want to know what the 10 most common virtues are?

10 Virtues of Highly Successful Bloggers


Curiosity is a key component to growth. Whether you use it to learn more about your blogging topic or to investigate ways of making blogging income, a thirst for knowledge moves your forward and keeps you humble.

Consistency & Discipline

One of the key differences between the successful and the bloggers that fade away is simply showing up. There’s not as much secret sauce in being successful as you may believe.

Just take a look at the bloggers who are at the top of their niche. Did they start 3 months ago? Not likely. Consistently producing quality content and interactions is one of the simplest yet hardest things in blogging.

Being of Service

Approaching your blog posts, social media or any online activity from a spirit of service is remarkably powerful shift you can make that affects everything from your own success to how you’re perceived in the world.

Successful bloggers (and business owners for that matter) try to help solve problems, alleviate frustrations and share knowledge with their audience. When you focus on how you can help rather than “what’s in it for me” you’ll notice an incredible change in yourself and your audience.

Reader Focus

Even on the most personal of life journalling blogs, you can focus on your reader more than yourself. And the most successful bloggers certainly do this better than anyone.

Personal stories become lessons to learns from. Failings become shared humanity. Trusting and respecting your readership enough to be honest about yourself bridges the technology gap faster than anything else. You help create a captive audience of fans who cheer you on and lift you up.


One of the inspiring things I’ve seen from studying successful bloggers is that inborn talent isn’t nearly as important as drive and hard work.

It’s easy to dismiss people as overnight successes or gifted with some innate ability because it takes the pressure off. If it’s simply a talent then there’s nothing we can do.

Behind every talented person is a person who has spent hundreds of hours getting that good at what they do.

Good Communicator

No amount of hard work can help you if people don’t receive the message you’re sending. Content, in whatever form, is the cornerstone of any successful blogger. Everyone manages their content a bit differently but one thing stands out, successful bloggers play to their strengths.

If you can’t write well, become a student of writing and improve it. If that’s still not your thing go all in on video. Can’t stand being on camera but love to talk? Built a podcast that’s second to none.

Explore communication channels that you love and use them to spread your message. The most enthusiastic you are, the better received your message will be.

Problem Solver

This virtue is almost akin to being a detective. Getting excited about solving problems, whether they are your own or your readers, keeps you interested in what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for.

The more you love creating solutions for people, the easier it is to be innovative, the more your creativity will flow and all of a sudden, you start seeing potential product opportunities everywhere. The blogger to business transition is a natural evolution of this virtue.


There are 2 reasons I’ve come to see a positive outlook as being so critical to success. First is the most obvious, positive people tend to be more flexible and can work through problems a lot easier than people who look at life as a series of inevitable failures.

Every blogger hits snags and rough spots so being able to work through those faster and come out the other side having learned valuable lessons is critical.

The second reason I believe so strongly in positivity is because we attract people to us based on how we are in the world. Successful bloggers who radiate a positive energy attract that type of readership.  Those readers are more likely to support, share and help a blogger succeed. Having a small army of positive motivated readers is a force to be reckoned with.

On the flip side, you may have seen a lot of internet sites where their sole purpose is to rip down and degrade other bloggers. The readers of those sites don’t come to the aid of anyone. They don’t support, uplift and promote other people. Nasty simply attracts more of the same so the more good you can put out into the world, the better off you and your blog will be.


Nothing, I mean nothing, is going to go as planned. Whether planning a product, a joint blogger collaboration or an ambassadorship with a company, things aren’t going to always go your way.

Learning to keep your eye on the big picture can help you navigate waters when things get rough and can actually help you turn disaster into some of your greatest opportunities.


You may scoff at this one but one thing I see more than any other when reading blogs, do audience research for clients, is that bloggers are frickin’ brave. Nothing is more evident than when you spend a day reading the posts and bio’s of bloggers.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is very scary. Telling your husband or parents that you want to blog for a living is probably close to insanity, yet people not only do it, they succeed at it every day.

Deciding to share your story to help others and deciding to take a different path are some of the simplest acts of courage we can find in our daily lives.