Imagine being able to increase your revenue and build your list without all the tech headaches and guesswork.

You’ve already noticed that names on a list, doesn’t equal money in the bank.

After working on 100’s of websites since 2009, I’ve seen a lot of zero income businesses with BIG lists. And I’ve seen small list owners making great revenue.

The size of your list doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does – and that’s great news!

What does matter is how you:

  • Engage, nurture and show up for the people on your list now and the ones that join you in the future.
  • Lead people from subscriber to customer to repeat customer.
  • Create optin offers, offerings and email sequences that work together and make sense for your customers.

And it’s quite possible that you know a lot about email marketing already.

But is knowledge translating into more revenue? A more personalized visitor experience?

Won’t it be amazing to have a system to use again and again that can increase your bottom line while alleviating all that email marketing frustration you’re living with now?

Call to Action is that system.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1

Fill out the application by clicking the button below. I’ll review your answers and get back to you asap so we can schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit to move forward on your project.

Step 2

We’ll start with a 90 minute strategy session to talk about your biz, your offerings, existing funnels, current conversion rates and the goals you have for the perfect email sales system. This session will create the framework for our work together.

Step 3

An “Email Sales System Audit” done by yours truly. In this step, I complete a full audit of your website tech setup, email service provider configuration and conversion rates. A lot of business owners are forced to use bandaids and quick fixes with their email marketing because the technology is confusing and high end products are really expensive. The result? A piecemeal system where the best tools aren’t used and you can’t give your customers a best in class experience. This step often saves you money and HUGE headaches down the road by supporting growth and scale.

Step 4

We’ll design a sales funnel for 1 product or service offering (yes, services can have sales funnels too!) Together we’ll craft the framework for a remarkable email sales funnel. Not one that leaves you feeling like a used car salesman, but where you take amazing care of your customers, tailor your content to their needs and make offers based on the transformations they want to make. This step includes planning all your email sequences including your main Call to Action Funnel Sequence, segmenting your subscribers based on interests and setting up the system so it’s easy for you to use going forward. (You’ll also be able to use these email sequence frameworks over and over again!)

Step 5

Prepare your email sequences based on the outline we create from Step 4. This step is where you craft some amazing emails to your subscribers making them feel valued and building the trust they have in you! Don’t worry if you’ve hated writing emails before, you’ll have a detailed framework to follow from our work in Step 4 and it will be so much easier this time! Once you’re done your emails, you’ll send them to me via Google Doc for review.

Step 6

We’ll meet on Skype for 30 minutes to review your email sequences. I’ll go over everything with you, ask questions and provide feedback. Following this call, I will update and revise your emails, you get to put your feet up and relax!


Email Sales System Implementation Depending on what the audit turned up in step 3, I may be moving your email marketing system (and all your subscribers!) to a new provider and/or uploading and coordinating all of the email sequences we just finished perfecting. Imagine, all those emails sent when they’re supposed to, to whom they’re supposed to,fostering deeper relationships with your subscribers, selling your products and services, without a single. tech. headache. (That’s worth the price of admission alone!)

Step 8

Measure your system and make adjustments. After your email sales system has been humming along for awhile (usually between 2-4 weeks) we’ll come together for our final call to review how the system is working and any changes that are needed. You’ll leave this call knowing how to evaluate your email marketing metrics so you know how to improve them over time.


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