Stop Guessing How Or If
You Can Build An Email List

With this personalized, step-by-step action plan, I’ll audit your entire email system to show you exactly how to improve your email marketing.

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How it Works:

Step 1: Make your payment by clicking the gold button and fill out a quick form.

Step 2: Put your feet up as I dig into your Google Analytics, your website and check out your email marketing system, top to bottom.

Step 3: You’ll receive a completely customized email marketing audit with a detailed plan to improve your marketing system – and your business.

You’ll also have 14 days to email me questions after reading your report – that way I can clarify anything that’s confusing or would hold you back from fully implementing the plan.

If it’s time to finally time to start building your list, there’s no better time than now to get started.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the areas the audit will cover:

1. Properly Set Up Your Email Service Provider to Support Your Business Goals

I’ll comb through your lists, groups, tags or segments (whatever your provider has) and make sure everything is set up and optimized for your unique business. Where ever there are issues or areas that can be optimized for better sign up rates, higher engagement or better conversions, I’ll give you action steps to fix them.

2. How to Optimize Your Website for Increased Sign Ups

Most websites suffer from very poor sign up rates. If you’ve been working on getting more people to your website but haven’t fixed your poor sign up issue – it’s like throwing water into a leaky bucket! I’ll give you detailed action steps to increase your website’s sign up rate so you can grow your list faster, with the traffic you already have!

3. How to Increase Open Rates of Your Emails with Simple Automation Techniques

Growing your list is one thing – but is your list opening your emails at the rate you want? I’ll look through your current open and click through rates (great indicators of list engagement) and let you know where you fall in terms of average engagement with a step by step plan of how to improve this area.

4. Lead Magnet Analysis

We all get very attached to the idea of our lead magnets so it’s often hard to look at them objectively. Is your lead magnet the right one for your audience? Is there a way to tweak or change it that would increase your sign up rate? I’ll review 1 lead magnet in your business and give you detailed feedback on how to improve it, market it and use it to improve your sign up rates.

5. Understanding the Metrics that Matter

One of the areas I excel in, is explaining metrics and analytics in a way that is easy to understand and act upon. Your email marketing is one of the easiest parts of your marketing system to measure and you can do it without an advanced math degree. I’ll take a look at your current metrics if you’re measuring them, and help you understand how to use that information to make data based decisions about your email marketing. If you’re not measuring, I’ll walk you through the set up of an easy to follow measurement routine that will transform how you use your email to market your business!

Get your Email Marketing Audit today:

Order Now for $497