Overcoming the Fear of Video: Interview with Gigi Dubois

After last’s month Creating Your First Product Interview, my inbox became a what’s what of video questions.

It was pretty obvious that a lot of people are struggle with everything from fear of being on camera to the technical stuff about how to pull off editing, lighting and not looking like a total dork.

Video is an amazing way to connect with your audience and bring the real you to your blog or just spice up your blog a bit. BUT it’s intimidating. Watching yourself talk, seeing all your funky facial expressions and mannerisms is enough to make anyone cringe.

What I didn’t anticipate with starting to do video, is that it’s pretty liberating. Like profoundly so. If you’ve been thinking about maybe one day starting to vlog, or putting out some video content today’s interview is just for you. I know I learned a ton!

Yesterday, post California earthquake, I got a change to talk with GiGi Dubois from GigiEatsCelebrities about all the nuts and bolts of making video a regular part of blogging.

Gigi is the host of her own webshow, Gigi Eats Celebrities, she’s co-host of Gossiper and Dude Food plus her YouTube channel has over 630,000 views. This girl knows a think or two about making video.

In this video, we cover everything from:

  • how to light yourself so you look awesome even without purchasing expensive light kits
  • what to do about makeup and hair if you just can’t get it right
  • how to edit (because no one is flawless on the first take)
  • Gigi’s technique for helping you get comfortable and more natural on camera
  • how to turn watching yourself from a chore into (almost) the most fun part of the whole experience
  • what camera she uses to record her webshow, vlogs and cooking show

Click here to watch on YouTube.

You can find Gigi on her blog at GigiEatsCelebrities.com, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Editing Software from the Video:

Final Cut Pro (MAC) & Final Cut Express (MAC – Available in the App Store)

Adobe Premiere Elements (Mac or PC)

Have you ever tried doing a vlog or video? Was it as hard as you thought it would be?