First impressions are everything.

So if your site isn’t visually appealing, that page tab will be closed faster than you can say “abracadabra”. (But it won’t feel nearly as magical.) And that’s definitely not the reaction you want.

What you DO want is for your visitors to stick around for a while, subscribe to your email list, get hooked on you and (of course) become loyal and engaged customers. And that all starts with your site’s design.

If you’re reading this and thinking “omg, I need a makeover”, keep on reading. Maybe…

  • You’ve been trying to achieve this design genius on your own to little success.
  • You’ve been wasting time fiddling with your site graphics and you’re still not totally pleased with the outcome.
  • You’ve been dismissed as an amatuer or hobbyist due to your DIY design work and you’re tired of losing out on customers!
  • Or maybe your own design is actually “decent looking” but you’re still not seeing the customers, leads or conversions you were hoping for…

You know it’s time to bring in a professional. One who will not only help your site look stunning, but will also create the functionality that you need to truly GROW.


To keep visitors hanging around, your site needs to function in a way that makes them enjoy interacting with it. Humor me for a moment and picture this. Your site is so gorgeously designed that…

  • You’re receiving praise from all of your friends and family. They actually take you seriously now – and guess what? So do you!
  • You can picture this design lasting through a book deal, a national speaking tour, your signature course, or any other dream your heart desires.
  • Your page views are through the roof, because everyone who reads SHARES – and how can they not?
  • Your new subscribers feel like they know you – because from your website header to their final welcome email, everything looks and works seamlessly and professionally.
  • You are gaining followers by the hundreds because your design and functionality is finally just as addictive as your content.

My priority as your designer is to create a memorable experience for your visitors with emotionally captivating design that converts visitors into subscribers!

So let’s make your readers feel happy, bright, joyful, amazing, awakened, enticed – let’s make them feel excited, serene, enlightened. Let’s make them feel YOU.

This is how we capture your visitors and turn them into customers. After all, they are your guests. So let’s impress them.

I created my Makeover to Takeover package for just that reason.

Makeover to Takeover is your (website design) wish come true. It’s a comprehensive design service that transforms your janky, self-created site into a beautiful, professional, optimized webpage that will make an instant impact on your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

What’s more, we work together to create a strategy to market and grow your audience with that gorgeous new site.

Makeover to Takeover is currently closed while I focus 100% on my current clients but spots will be opening again soon. The waitlist is opened 3 times a year for new clients, get on the VIP list to learn more.

Join the Waitlist

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

The Wishlist (Questionnaire), By clicking on the button below we can get started right away. Filling this out is your chance to unearth all of the enchanting details you’re dreaming of before we get going. Spoiler alert: This is where the magic starts.

Step 2

A 30 minute Phone (or Skype) call, that’s right, no endless back and forth with a faceless designer on the other end of an email address. Part of the magic of this process is the partnership we build throughout your project and this call will help us see if we are a good fit.

Step 3

Project launch with a Creative Discovery Call. We’ll meet for 60 minutes to get crystal clear on your site, audience and brand. We’ll discuss what pages you need, goals for implementation and how visitor flow will operate. All of our ongoing creative work will be based on what we discover on this call.

Step 4

Preparation of a proposal and full scope of work so we’re both on the same page about all aspects of your site.

Step 5

Digital Strategy + Marketing Roadmap. During our very first call you’ll see that this isn’t your regular design service. Through our partnership we’ll dig deep to find and present your unique value, your brand tone and personality and truly understand your most valued reader and customer.

Step 6

Mockups of the Design. As I begin drafting up your design, I’ll keep you completely in the loop. Before I finalize and implement anything I will ask for your final stamp of approval.

Step 7

Development & Installation of Design. Let’s just say I’m not gonna leave you hanging on the tech end of things. Once your design is approved and ready, I will code your site and install it on WordPress, as well as any necessary plug-ins so you will be totally ready to rock and roll once you launch.

Step 8

Email Marketing System Set-up and Integration. No more stressing about setting up your mail management system to grab email addresses and grow your list! I will have you up and running in no time and make sure your opt-ins are flawlessly delivered whenever someone joins.

Step 9

Pre-Launch Pep Talk, once your design is nearly complete, we’ll hop on Skype again before site launch to make sure we have worked through every detail. I will walk you through how to use your site and update it yourself so that you are totally ready to takeover (your site and the world).

Step 10

We’ll do a Connection Check-In 30 days after launch to make sure you are using your site seamlessly without any hiccups. We’ll examine what’s working and not working and address any minor tweaks to optimize your site.

Bonus: Access to Me! Not to toot my own horn or anything but I’m really good at this. Connecting with bloggers and entrepreneurs and bringing their vision to life is a labor of love. I’m way more than just a designer, I’m a business strategist and your partner in this thing – I will walk you through the process step by step and never leave you in the dark wondering what’s going on. You’ll have email access to me and I welcome all of your questions.


(with upgrades available for ecourse, membership site or sales page design)

The Design Waitlist only opens 3 times a year, click the button below to get notified.