Hi , I’m Rita Barry.

I am a website designer and email marketing strategist living in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies.

I help online entrepreneurs build predictable revenue into their businesses so they can stop the feast and famine cycle and run their business with more ease.

The Blog

This is where I spill the beans on all the marketing strategy, complete with detailed tutorials and how-to’s. I’m not about theory- I like real world plans that also show you how to measure your results.

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Over the years, some of the best money I’ve spent growing my business has been investing in myself – in the form of coaching. Being able to call on the expertise of mentor can be a game changer. Just as with the blog, coaching is filled with actionable steps and measurement so you know what’s working.

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Signature Services

When you’re over this whole solo, do-it-all-yourself thing and are ready to move into a serious partnership – with transformational results. Signature services are unique combination of high level mentoring with done-for-you service.

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My Story

I started my business, 7 years ago, so that I could be home to raise my beautiful little girl: be there for all the recitals, broken hearts, field trips and scraped knees. We have since added a giggly little boy to our family as well.

I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of business owners, both one on one and through my online courses and programs.

What came up again and again was what I call The Field of Dreams Problem.

If you build it – they will come. (I know, I’m totally dating myself with that movie reference!)

Business owners and bloggers alike felt that if they had the fancy site and matching social media graphics, the traffic and sales would surely follow.

I’m a designer – I’d love it if that were the case, but it’s not.

There’s a whole lot more to making sales than your website design – it takes an entire system of marketing, nurturing subscribers and consistent follow up to create a solid business.

And that’s why my business evolved over time. I saw my clients struggling to make consistent revenue, pulling their hair out trying to figure out email software and just not seeing the results they were capable of achieving.

So website design morphed into design plus email marketing strategy. Because more than any other technique I’ve seen over these last 7 years, email marketing has the potential to change everything for you – when done right.

There is so much more to growing your business than pageviews. 

There are creative and strategic ways to market your business. There are smart and savvy ways to optimize your site design. And there are methods to grow your website traffic beyond loud, expensive marketing shouts into the internet void.

Ready to get going and make some magic happen?

Check out my one-on-one services to see how I can help you market your business like a PRO.

Speaking of PRO, here are some of my professional highlights…

  • I’ve been a marketing strategist and website designer for over 7 years and have worked with 100’s of amazing clients (It was 174 individual clients at last count).
  • I’ve taught small business web design and marketing at a local college.
  • I’m the co-founder of the Blog Well Summit, a virtual blogging conference that helps bloggers grow their networks and learn the skills they need to increase their readership.
  • I’m an IDEA Health and Fitness Association expert in website design, and spoke on effective website design for their World BlogFest Conference in Anaheim, CA.
  • I believe that exceptional design requires the right blend of emotion and analytics, and that is what I bring to the table as a designer and developer.
  • I’m more than a website designer & expert. I look at businesses’ marketing from top to bottom to help owners put together and execute a streamlined marketing plan that works. And how do we know it works? We test it, that’s how!

I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in and partner with some great publications and organizations.


For professional bio, interview, media features and mentions, check out my press page

Want to get in touch?

If you’re interested in working together, let’s talk – but first, take a look at how I work with clients, rates and packages to see if we’re a good fit.

At this time, I only provide website maintenance, graphic design services and emergency website assistance for previous and ongoing clients.